• June 2018 - HydroTest moved to new server. Analysis tidied up and security strengthened.
  • September 2011 - statistics modified to reflect errors rather than residuals (only applies to statistics with signed results).
  • December 2008 - benchmark model A updated.
  • January 2009 - new benchmark model added.
  • September 2009 - four more benchmark models added.
  • November 2009 - multiple file analysis improved to handle more files at once
  • January 2010 - KGE statistic added

Welcome To HydroTest

Welcome and thank you for visiting the hydrological modelling data testing site - HydroTest.

HydroTest has been designed to analyse time series data produced by (but not limited to) hydrological models. The system requires two sets of data to perform the analysis - a series of observed (expected) values, and a series of modelled (forecasted) values. These can be stored in a single text file (in two columns separated by a tab or comma) or in two separate text files each containing a single column of data.

The Analysis page will initially upload your data (stored in your text files) to the web site, perform the analyses on these data and present the results. The files are automatically deleted from the web site's system when the analyses are completed.

It is requested that you cite the web site in any relevant publications.

Click here to go to the analysis pages or click Analysis on the header above.

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